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Upcoming Holiday Events


Upcoming Holiday Events in Roseville, CA 

Annual Sylvia Besana Holiday Parade 

in Downtown Roseville

Saturday November 19

Vendor booths open at 9am

Parade down Vernon Starts at 10:30am

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a great time to create new memories with loved ones, but it can also be stressful if you’re not prepared and organized. If you focus on a few key tasks now, you won’t have to spend hours doing damage control when you should be enjoying yourself. So today I’m sharing 5 ways to prepare your home for the holiday season.

1. De-clutter ruthlessly 

Every season I get the urge to start purging closets and other areas of our home. There’s just something about purging that gives me a sense of peace. I enjoy getting rid of clutter and the satisfying feeling I get afterwards. Instead of focusing on deep cleaning your home, start by de-cluttering problem areas and getting rid of things that take up valuable space. A de-cluttered room often gives the illusion of being clean even if it isn’t.

2. Clean it and forget it

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Decorating For Fall


Decorating for Fall

With the change of the seasons upon us it's time to decorate your home for fall. Here our some easy fall decorating ideas and tips to make your home have that cozy fall feel. 

Decorating for the fall season can be fun and simple. Here are three tips to make the process as smooth as possible:

1. Adapt for each fall holiday. Balance broad seasonal decor with interchangeable holiday decor. For instance, spooky Halloween decorations and jack-o’-lanterns will look out of place by November but painted pumpkins and other decorative gourds won’t. Foreground your decorations that fit the entire season but leave room for Halloween and Thanksgiving additions that you can rotate in for each holiday.

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Preparing Your Houseplants for Cooler Months Ahead

Prepping Your Houseplants for Cooler Weather

With summer behind us, fall upon us, and winter right around the corner, it's time to prepare your houseplants for the seasonal changes. These simple tips will help prepare your plants for the cooler months that are just around the corner.

Tip #1 - Relocate - Move your plants to west, and south facing windows for optimal light. If you have plants that require lighting and you don't live in a climate where the sun comes out much during the winter you might want to invest in a grow light for your sun reliant indoor greenery.

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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

picture of leaves in a gutter of house.

Fall Home Maintenance Tips

With summer behind us and winter upon us in the upcoming months here is our list of fall home maintenance tips to help make sure your home is ready for winter.

1. Check for and repair broken or missing roof tiles/shingles. In the upcoming months rain will be upon us and if you find those potential missing or broken roof shingles now, this can save you from a bigger problem later!

2. Clean out gutters 

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LIVING IN SACRAMENTO California | Top 6 Best Suburbs to Live Near Sacramento

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Upcoming Fall Events you won't want to miss!

Fall is almost here

With the first official day of fall at the beginning of the Autumn Equinox on September 22. We figured we would give you a round up of some awesome Fall events that you have to check out. Make sure to mark your calendar! You won't want to miss any of these!

Family Fest

Roseville Town Square, Vernon Street

Saturday Sept 24th, 11am to 2pm

This event features live music, 2 kid zones, bounce houses, 50+ vendors, food trucks, big trucks exploration zone, and character meet & greets. This is an awesome event for the entire family.

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Living in Granite Bay, CA | Driving Tour of Granite Bay, CA

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9 Pros and Cons of Living in Sacramento California

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5 Top Restaurants in Rocklin CA [You Must Try Every Restaurant]

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Golfland Sunsplash Night Slides! Roseville Ca | 30 Water Slides

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10 Top Neighborhoods in Granite Bay CA

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Fun Golf Courses in Roseville CA | Top 5 Golf Course You Need to Play

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Top 5 Best Local Coffee Shops in Roseville That You Must Try

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Roseville's Best Restaurants | Our Top 5 Roseville Restaurants That You Must Try

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Inexpensive Fireplace Update

Before and After 

Inexpensive Fireplace Update

We have done so many projects in our home, from updating our kitchen, bathrooms, redoing all the flooring, repainting the entire inside including cabinets that our house really has a newer feel. In today's blog I am going to share with you an easy update for your home, if you have an old tile fireplace. This is such an easy project and will literally make your fireplace look and feel brand new with minimal cost.

Here is the before.

before picture of old fireplace

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Driving in California | Driving Around Video of ROSEVILLE CALIFORNIA

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Foodie Land Night Market in Sacramento CA

Foodie Land Night Market


August 19th - 21st

If you are looking for something fun and delicious to do this weekend then you have to grab some tickets and check out Foodie Land Night Market coming to Cal Expo this weekend. This is the perfect outdoor food event for anyone! A must attend for foodies, this exclusive festival is happening in the heart of Sacramento at

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Pros and Cons of Living in Roseville Ca | What We Love and Hate

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Living in Rocklin, California

Welcome To Living in Rocklin, California by L2 Home Group

We are Lance and Lauren Dengate and we have lived in Northern California for over 40 years. We love getting outside and exploring everything in Northern California, from paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking, to a relaxing day at the lake.

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Living in Granite Bay, California

Welcome To Living in Granite Bay, California by L2 Home Group

We are Lance and Lauren Dengate and we have lived in Northern California for over 40 years. We love getting outside and exploring everything in Northern California, from paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking, to a relaxing day at the lake.

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Living in Roseville, California

Welcome To Living in Roseville, California by L2 Home Group

We are Lance and Lauren Dengate and we have lived in Northern California for over 40 years. We love getting outside and exploring everything in Northern California, from paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking, to a relaxing day at the lake.

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Living in Sacramento, California

Welcome To Living in Sacramento, California by L2 Home Group

We are Lance and Lauren Dengate and we have lived in Northern California for over 40 years. We love getting outside and exploring everything in Northern California, from paddle boarding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and biking, to a relaxing day at the lake.

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Get your home ready for back to school

4 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Back to School

Back to school is right around the corner! In our household back to school is always filled with chaotic moments. Whether it's someone yelling I can't find my shoes as we are rushing out the door trying to be on time for drop off, or someone yelling I can't find the markers or pens to be able to do my homework! This year we are deciding to get ahead of these moments with our tips for getting our home ready for back to school. So we thought we would share them with you! Hope they help!

Tip number 1 - ORGANIZE YOUR ENTRY WAY! This is where everything usually piles up, as the kids walk in and just dump there stuff, and in our household by the next morning that pile of stuff is missing something from it and then we are frantically tearing the house apart to find whatever it is. So our first tip is to organize your entry way and create a space and system for each kid and their things, specifically the things you are grabbing as you are running out the door like the backpacks and their shoes. It doesn't have to be fancy, it can be a special hook for each back pack and lunch box, and a shoe organizer. Fancy or not it just needs to be a system that your kids know this is where their things go! 


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Places to Beat the Heat

picture of a thermostat and the sun

Beat The Heat

The past few weeks have been crazy hot here in Northern California. It is important during these hot days to find ways to beat the heat. In this blog post, we are sharing some local places in Roseville to cool off.

Downtown Library - 225 Taylor Street
Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m.–6 p.m.
Thursday through Friday 10 a.m.-5p.m.
Saturday from 10 a.m.–4 p.m.
Closed Sunday

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Staging Tips

Picture of a home with home staging tips written across it

Staging Tips

Are you thinking about selling your home? Did you know that properly staging your house can help you attract potential buyers? In today's newsletter, we are talking all about how to avoid home staging mistakes to help you sell your home faster. This is our top list of things to make sure you avoid before you hit the market. 

1. Too much Furniture. -

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4th of July Events & a Yummy 4th of July Recipe!

family watching fireworks

Local 4th of July Events

Looking for something fun to do this upcoming 4th of July weekend? Look no further! Below is a list of local 4th of July Events to check out! 

Celebrate America

July 1st and 2nd starts at 4 pm

Twin Oaks Park, Rocklin

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12 Indoor Summer Home Maintenance Tips

12 Indoor Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Tip 1- Do a test of your smoke detectors and your carbon monoxide detectors

Replace the batteries if needed.

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Tips to keep your home cool this summer

picture of a person sitting on a couch with her feet in the refrigerator to keep cool during a hot summer.

Tips to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

With the weather heating up, it usually means the AC is blasting all day trying to keep your home cool. Here are some tips on how to keep your house cool during this hot season.


  • Close Curtains and blinds during the day, blackout curtains can make a huge difference. 

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Best 55 Plus Communities in California for Active Adults

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Backyard BBQ Tips

picture of a family gathering at a backyard BBQ, and grilling.

Backyard BBQ Tips

Now that summer is here it's time for backyard BBQs and gatherings. Let's face it, the weather is hot, pool days are a regular thing, and grilling outdoors is an absolute must this time of year. Whether you are planning on hosting a summer birthday party, or a fun outdoor bbq game night, we want to make sure you have all the tips to make it the best BBQ ever! Here are our five tips to help you throw the perfect backyard BBQ this summer. 

1. Plan ahead. - A little bit of planning can help make your BBQ less stressful. Plan your menu, will it be a potluck style? Take note of what others are bringing and fill in the gaps when you make your grocery list.

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MOVING TO ROSEVILLE CALIFORNIA | Everything You Need to Know Before Living in Roseville

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Upcoming Events in June

hello summer  text with summer images of flowers and a watermelon

Local Events in Roseville

School is out for summer!!! This means it's time to plan all of your fun summer outings for the month of June! Don't be boring and stay at home all summer, get out and enjoy some of these awesome events! Did you know Roseville has a ton of fun events happening this summer? Below is a list of some upcoming events you have to check out this summer! 

June 2nd

Big Trucks Summer: Pipescope and Vactor Trucks

Mahany Park, Roseville

9 am to 11 am

June 9th

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Things to Do in Roseville Ca | Our Top 7 Things we Love to Do

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Roseville Splash Pads & 7 Things to do in Roseville, CA

colorful text says things to do

7 Things to do in Roseville CA

Are you looking for something fun to do locally but don't know where to go or what to check out? We came up with a list of 7 awesome things to do in Roseville that you have to check out! Watch our Youtube video to see the list! 

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Top Neighborhoods in Roseville


9 Best Neighborhoods in Roseville CA

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9 of the Best Neighborhoods in Roseville CA You Need to See Now

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Wine Down Wednesday

picture of a glass of wine at a festival

Check out Wine Down Wednesday

If you love wine and love trying out new wine you have to check out Wine Down Wednesday. This fun event is happening for the next four Wednesdays in Roseville located in the Roseville Town Square on Vernon Street. 

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Top 7 Reasons for Living in Roseville CA

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Summer Camps 2022

Summer Camps 2022

Summer is right around the corner! Our kids are down to less than a month and a half of school left until they are officially on summer break, which means it's time to start planning our summer so they don't drive me insane! Really the best way to plan your summer for your kids is to start looking into summer camps now before they fill up and it's too late. The City of Roseville has many great options as well as Bayside church. Below is a list of some camps our kids have loved in the past as well as info on where to learn more about them and how to register. 

Sparks - 

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Restaurant Spot Light: The Tin Lantern In Meadow Vista

picture of tin lantern bar and grill

The Tin Lantern Bar & Grill

If you are looking for an amazing meal and don't mind a slight drive to Meadow Vista, you must check out The Tin Lantern Bar & Grill. This is one of 

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Local Must Visit Coffee Shops!

Picture of coffee beans and different cups of coffee ranging from black coffee to lattes

Are you a Coffee Lover?

This week we are sharing our favorite local places to grab a cup of coffee in Roseville, Lincoln, Rocklin, Orangevale, or Sacramento. If you are near any of these amazing coffee shops you must stop in and give them a try. 

Roseville, CA Coffee Shops 

  • MoJoe's - Located in West Roseville (2330 Pleasant Grove Blvd), next to Kitchen 747 - MoJoe's offers a great vibe with an awesome patio.

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Upcoming Events Happening in Roseville

City of Roseville Upcoming Events logo

Below are some upcoming events with the City of Roseville. 

A personal favorite of ours is the monthly Friday Flicks. Such a great evening to spend with friends and family in the town square. 

April 7th Age Well Roseville Summit & Expo 

@ Mahany Park *registration or fee* 

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Your Go-To Guide for Spring Cleaning Checklist

Image with a bucket and cleaning products and text that says spring cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Can you believe it is that time of the year already!?! We can't! This year March 20 marked the first official day of Spring with the Spring Equinox. This means it's time to get down and dirty with your spring cleaning. Here is our checklist room by room for the ultimate deep spring cleaning! 

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4 Easy Tips to Up Your Curb Appeal

picture of a home with great curb appeal

Curb Appeal???

Today we are talking all about curb appeal and four easy tips to help spruce up your curb appeal.

Tip #1 Add new 

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A Fav St Patty's Day Dessert & Local Events

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day is just around the corner. It's time to drag out your green clothes and get in the spirit! Here are some local events happening around the area in case you want to go out and celebrate!


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New Restaurant ALERT!!!

New Restaurant ALERT!!!

Mendocino Farms just opened its newest location in Roseville, CA this week! Do you love fresh quality sandwiches, soups, and salads? 

Then this is the place to check out ASAP! 

They offer gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Located near the galleria mall in the same shopping center as Pushkin's bakery and BJs. 

Click here to check out the menu!!!

picture of food from mendocino farms, sandwich, salad, soup

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February Stats... What are some of your questions?

Considering Listing your home? Now is the time!

When it comes to selling anything you usually want to make sure you are getting top dollar for it. Does timing play into that? When it comes to the housing market it sure does! What helps drive up prices is demand and supply. Currently, our housing market is low on supply and still high on demand. That means that many sellers are getting multiple offers at or above the asking price. See below a stat from Ryan Lundquist ( This stat shows how many active listings have been on the market (Sacramento region) on February 1st each year dating back to 2016. 

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Midtown living at it's finest

Living in Midtown

Have you ever wanted to live close to the action? Walking distance to amazing restaurants, events, theater, and more! Living in Midtown Sacramento has so much to offer...You can walk to farmer's markets, enjoy many different fancy locally-owned coffee shops, breweries, bars, and more. If you have always wanted to live this lifestyle, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!!!! 

Our new midtown listing just hit the market. 

Click HERE to see more about this property!

home on washington

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You won't want to miss this delicious Big Game Appetizer!


Big Game Sunday

The Big Game is almost here...are you looking forward to it? Are you mainly interested in the game, the commercials, the halftime show? Or are you looking forward to the snacks? In our house, one person looks forward to the game, while the others look forward to the food! In this week's newsletter/blog I am going to give you one of our favorite appetizers that we love to eat on Big Game Sunday! This recipe is so easy to make and only has 5 ingredients!!!


  • 16 oz package of Little Smokies

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Top 7 Restaurants for Valentine's Day

Top 7 Restaurants for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Don't forget to make your reservation now!!! Below are our top 7 Restaurants across the Sacramento region to book your special Valentine's Day dinner!

1. The Firehouse - Sacramento, CA

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11 Ways to Help You Combat Stress This Winter


The hardest working agents in Sacramento, Placer and 

El Dorado Counties

L2 Realty Company Logo

less stress image with cubes spelling out less stress

11 Ways to Help You Combat Stress This Winter

With the holidays behind us and the new year upon us, and the weather basically meh outside sometimes stress can take over. We've compiled a list of 12 things that help us combat our stress when we feel it sinking in.

1. Exercise - I often find it the most difficult to just start, but once I do, I feel amazing. Getting good exercise can help you instantly feel better once you just do it!

2. Relaxation - This one can be hard if you are constantly trying to do everything and achieve all the things! Getting good rest and relaxation always helps!

3. Take Control of Something or check something off your list - Let's be real...who doesn't love checking something off your list once you've completed it? It always feels good!

4. Do something social - Get out and do something fun with friends it will help pull you out of a slump.

5. Improve your sleep...go to bed earlier, or allow yourself to sleep later - Sleep plays a huge part in our mood and stress. Evaluate how much sleep you are getting and try adjusting your sleep to get more if you are not getting enough.

6. Practice Gratitude - Mindset is everything! In today's cancel culture and with all the negative Nancy's it's so easy to pull yourself in that direction. Combat this by practicing gratitude every day and forcing yourself to see the good each day.

7. Practice Mindfulness 

8. Focus your mindset on the positive - Focus on the positive things that have happened to you or around you lately, it will change how you see things. 

9. Learn to say NO - This is always a hard one for us. However, constantly saying yes when you really don't want to do something will wear you out. Learn to say no and let your no's be no and your yes's be yes!

10. Take Breaks - It's ok to take a break from things when you are feeling overwhelmed.

11. Stop trying to do everything, ask for help! 

Looking for a Top Agent in the Greater 

Sacramento Area?

Call/Text Lance Dengate (916) 644-0661

Or, Email me here at


Check out our new listing CLICK HERE!!!!

4 Bed, 2 Bath, 1,984 sq. ft, 3 Car Garage, Corner Lot
4750 Castana Drive, Cameron Park Ca
Open House 
Sat - 1/22 from 11am-2pm & Sun - 1/23 12pm-3pm

Single story home

Looking for a Top Agent in the Greater Sacramento Area?


We are always available.


Lance Dengate, Broker

Lauren Dengate, Realtor

L2 Realty

(916) 644-0661

My Listings

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Picture of Lauren and Lance

Thank you for your time today


I look forward to working with you now or in the future...


~Lance & Lauren

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Getting Organized

Organization tips

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays over it's time to declutter your house from everything holiday-related! This can be a great time to get organized and clean up areas around your home that you might not regularly think about cleaning up. Here are some easy tips to help you declutter your space and get organized for the new year.  

1. Start with ONE Room! When you are trying to organize and declutter your house it can very quickly become overwhelming. I recommend doing one room at a time and don't start with the hardest room first otherwise you can quickly become discouraged and give up altogether.

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New Year's Resolutions and Goal Setting Tips

New Year's Resolutions image with computer and cup of coffee and 1.2.3.

New Year's Resolutions / Goal Setting Tips

New Year's Day is almost here... which means people are planning their New Year's resolutions and planning for the year ahead. In years past we have had good intentions on setting goals for the new year ahead and then a month into the new year we flop and fail on those goals. So, in this week's newsletter/blog post I wanted to give you 10 practical tips to help you plan and keep your New Year's resolution.

Tip Number 1 - Be Realistic - Many of us have had good intentions and set some pretty lofty goals in the past only for us to fail on those goals. Being realistic when setting goals is key to making sure this doesn't happen. If your goal is to be healthier, lose weight, or take up a new hobby set practical steps that will allow you to achieve that goal. 

Tip Number 2 - Plan Ahead -  

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Picture perfect Christmas?

stress holiday / christmas image

The countdown is on...

With less than a week until Christmas and all of the main holiday festivities fastly approaching, this season can leave you feeling stressed or like you haven't done enough. I know we have felt this way before. As a parent, there are so many things we are trying to cram into this season and sometimes we rush through everything trying to make it perfect and it feels like it all falls apart at times. So with this week's newsletter/blog post, I wanted to give you some words of encouragement. This season is not about the perfect day or the picture-perfect moment although Facebook or Instagram would have you believe otherwise. It is important to remember that social media is the highlight reel and nobody's life is as picture-perfect as these platforms will lead you to believe. Remember the true reason for the season and focus on your family and all of the people who support you and love you. We never know how many more Christmas' or holiday seasons we will have with our loved ones, so remember to soak in the moments and make all the memories you can. 

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10 Must-See Christmas Movies this Holiday Season

10 Must-See Christmas Movies this Holiday Season

Our family loves a good Christmas movie!

With the official countdown on and only ten days until Christmas here is our top 10 list of must-see Christmas movies this holiday season!

1. The Santa Clause
2. Home Alone

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Local Ice Rinks to visit!

animated ice rink image

Ice Skating

Holiday ice skating is a loved tradition in our family. Every year in December our girls look forward to going ice skating. It's the perfect holiday tradition to get them outside and moving and we always have a great time. Below are some local ice rinks that you and your family are sure to love this holiday season. 

Bayside Ice Rink in Granite Bay

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Christmas Loading...

christmas loading candy cane image

Christmas is Almost Here...

Turkey has been eaten, and now it's time to prepare your home for Christmas. Are you team Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving or before?

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving text and picture of pumpkins

Thankful for all of you!

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Our Favorite Pumpkin Pie Recipe

image of a slice of pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie font

With Thanksgiving next week we decided we should share our favorite homemade pumpkin pie recipe! This is such an easy recipe that we love to make with our kids each year.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


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Turkey Trot is right around the corner

turkey trot 2021 text

graphic image: burning thighs before pies tukey trot 2021

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, that means it's time to register for your local Turkey Trot! The local turkey trot is a loved family tradition in our household. Waking up getting decked out in our turkey running gear and doing a quick 5k before the festivities of the day begin is something our family looks forward to. Below are some races happening around the community with links to register for the race!

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Fun Local Halloween Events...

Happy Halloween 

Are you looking for something fun to do this weekend? 

Look no further...

We have compiled a list of some amazing local Halloween events happening this weekend.

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A Must See List for Halloween...

Our family loves a good Halloween movie...get into the Halloween spirit this week by watching some good old Halloween movies! 
Check out our lists below for both family-friendly movies and horror movies. 

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A Fall Favorite Family Recipe You Will Definitely Want to Try

Pumpkin Bread

With the weather cooling down and Fall finally here it's time to bust out the pumpkin and make all the yummy pumpkin recipes. One of our family's favorite recipes this time of year is without a doubt homemade pumpkin bread! This week we are sharing our pumpkin bread family recipe. If you decide to make it we hope you will love it just as much as we do!

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Fall Bucket List


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Fall is here so that must mean it's time for a trip to Apple Hill!!

Now that Fall is finally here a day trip to Apple Hill is a must!  

This is a family tradition that we do together every fall! 

Apple hill has so many amazing things to offer. One of our favorite spots at Apple Hill is High Hill Ranch! 

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5 Easy Ways to Dress Up Your Porch for Fall


The first day of fall is upon us! Changing of the seasons means shorter days, pumpkin spice, and fall decor! What better way to welcome in fall than transforming your porch for the season. 

Step 1: Hang a fall seasonal wreath to make a centerpiece statement for your front door. You can find inexpensive fall wreaths at Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, or Michaels. 

Step 2: 

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Upcoming Local Events & Homecoming Game Dates

Upcoming Local Events

September 12, 2021

Lincoln Artisans Marketplace 

Local and Handmade Items 

10 am to 3 pm 

541 5th Street Lincoln, CA

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An Easy Dinner for Hectic Days

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Tips for Getting Your Home Back to School Ready

Tips for Getting Your Home 

Back to School Ready

Back to School means drop-offs, pick-ups, homework, school lunches, and sometimes sports! All of these things can seem like a drag when you are constantly running from one thing to the next and when you aren't prepared for them. We've put together a list of things to help you get your home and kids ready for the upcoming school year. 

1. Get Organized! - If you're like us...

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FOR SALE - 4601 N Park Drive, Sacramento CA

Come check out this amazing property! As you drive down the street you are welcomed by large beautiful trees lining the street that looks like a scene out of a movie. This adorable home features a spacious rancho floor plan, with 2,135 sq. ft, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Enjoy summer afternoons in the large backyard by the sparkling pool. There is plenty of space with this house sitting on almost a half-acre lot. This home has been very well maintained and is in excellent condition. You won't want to miss out on this amazing home in an amazing neighborhood in Sacramento. Check Out the YouTube Video:

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Best Farmers Markets in Placer County to Visit NOW!

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5 Must Visit Pumpkin Patches in Northern California

Have you taken your family to a pumpkin patch yet? 

With Halloween just around the corner we have rounded up our list of 5 amazing pumpkin patches to visit in Northern California. Today pumpkin patches are so much more than just a trip to pick out a pumpkin. Our list of top 5 pumpkin patches in Northern California offer a variety of fun things to do. So if you are looking for something fun to do with the family before October 31st look no further! In this blog post we will cover all of the different things to do at each of these pumpkin patches. 

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