Preparing Your Houseplants for Cooler Months Ahead


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Prepping Your Houseplants for Cooler Weather

With summer behind us, fall upon us, and winter right around the corner, it's time to prepare your houseplants for the seasonal changes. These simple tips will help prepare your plants for the cooler months that are just around the corner.

Tip #1 - Relocate - Move your plants to west, and south facing windows for optimal light. If you have plants that require lighting and you don't live in a climate where the sun comes out much during the winter you might want to invest in a grow light for your sun reliant indoor greenery.

Tip #2 - Less is More - Plants obviously don't grow as much in the winter/cooler months, so they don't need as much sustenance and maintenance. During the winter and cooler months you can take a break from fertilizers and reduce watering to keep plants vibrant and healthy throughout the season.

Tip #3 - Prevent Pests - With cooler months ahead means pests are looking for places to stay. For instance, potting soil doesn't dry as quickly in cooler temperatures, so plants may be more prone to gnats and other insects. You can avoid this by adding pest control to your soil. It's absorbed by the roots and can help protect your plants, just be careful with it around household pets. 

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