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Decorating for Fall

With the change of the seasons upon us it's time to decorate your home for fall. Here our some easy fall decorating ideas and tips to make your home have that cozy fall feel. 

Decorating for the fall season can be fun and simple. Here are three tips to make the process as smooth as possible:

1. Adapt for each fall holiday. Balance broad seasonal decor with interchangeable holiday decor. For instance, spooky Halloween decorations and jack-o’-lanterns will look out of place by November but painted pumpkins and other decorative gourds won’t. Foreground your decorations that fit the entire season but leave room for Halloween and Thanksgiving additions that you can rotate in for each holiday.

2. Get crafty. There are plenty of DIY projects for making your own autumn decor. Use twine and scavenged leaves to make your own wreath. Paint old plates with fall patterns and imagery. Check for blankets and pillows that already match the season’s color palette and put them on greater display once November rolls around.

3. Use a fall color scheme. Autumn’s color palette encompasses everything from burnt orange and yellow to dark and light burlap browns. In general, eschew the greenery and other bright colors that typify spring and summer. Do your best to match the look of crisp autumn leaves with all your decorations.

5 General Fall Decorations

To create a fall-ready atmosphere, populate your living room with plenty of autumnal home decor items. Here are just five types of decorations to consider:

1. Candles: The day grows darker earlier during the fall, making it a good time to incorporate candles into your decor. Consider using scented types—like pumpkin spice or evergreen—that fit the season. Candlesticks and candle holders should follow a fall color scheme if possible.

2. Decorative gourds: The color palette of gourds permeates the entirety of the fall season. Leave some mini pumpkins by your front porch entryway past Halloween or switch out your jack-o’-lanterns for tasteful white pumpkins. Also, consider using decorative gourds as interior decor. Place artificial or real butternut squash or other gourds around the entirety of your house.

3. Floral arrangements: Target the muted hues of fall flowers like chrysanthemums (or mums), hydrangeas, magnolias, and sunflowers. Rusty yellows and oranges might be especially desirable, as they mimic the look of fall leaves. You can also include other fall foliage like acorns and pinecones in your arrangements. Consider hanging a fall wreath on the front door.

4. Throw blankets: Heavy, warm blankets make all the difference in both decor and comfort for the cooler autumn months. Muted plaid patterned or solid rusty color blankets can work well with a fall color scheme.

5. Throw pillows: Cozy and cushiony throw pillows fit just as well in your living room as they do in your bedroom throughout the entire duration of autumn. Follow an autumnal color palette in your selections and consider getting or making knit pillows for an old-fashioned, rustic touch.

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